Digital Business Card (DBC)

Elevate Your Real Estate & Home Interior Businesses

Master digital engagement with class, style, and intelligence powered by our AI-integrated solution

Unleash Your Business Potential with Clikant - Your AI Companion

Revolutionize your digital presence by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence
Meet Clikant, your personal AI companion, designed to navigate through your business journey effectively. With a robust ability to interpret and master your professional needs, Clikant crafts tailor-made content, interacts intelligently with your DBC viewers, and provides you with actionable insights to improve your brand performance.

DBC - A Smart, Dynamic Display

Impress with an engaging and versatile digital showcase
Our Digital Business Card offers a dynamic platform for you to display not just your professional prowess but your personal charm too. It provides an aesthetically engaging way to showcase your property or home interior portfolio, serving as an immersive visual amplifier for lead generation and customer engagement.

Streamlined Engagement Tracker - A New Dimension of Interactivity

Discover intelligent engagement at your fingertips
Foster impactful connections with instant insight into customer’s interactions with your DBC. Utilize real-time alerts for informed follow-ups and targeted marketing, while easily sharing your DBC across multiple platforms for enhanced brand visibility.

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DBC - Redefining Business Practices

Experienced by real estate professionals and home interior experts alike, see how Clikant and DBC have revolutionized their digital presence. Discover their stories.
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